Using Therapy for the New Year: Resolutions & Goals

Erin Sesemann, Therapist, Boone, NC

Dr. Erin Sesemann, PhD, LMFT, CBIS (she/her/hers) takes a holistic approach to counseling with her specialized training in Medical Family Therapy, EMDR therapy, and certification as a Brain Injury Specialist. Her office is based in Boone, North Carolina, offering in-person and online therapy to people across North Carolina.

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What Does the New Year Bring for You?

Ringing in the new year can bring a mix of thoughts, questions, and emotions that might bring you into therapy. You might be reflecting on the previous year and having difficult thoughts about it. You may have questions about what goals or resolutions to set for the next year. You could be questioning your feelings (strong feelings or no feelings) about last year or the new year. Working with a therapist can help you sort through all these things. 

Goals to Improve Your Present

Most people start therapy because they want something different about their current lives. They could be looking for something different for themselves, but people also initiate therapy to work on relationships with other people. Therapy is commonly started by people who are struggling with a depressed mood, overwhelming anxiety, or relationship issues. Do you identify with any of these issues? If your life got better right now, what would be different? 

Asking yourself the questions above could help set the stage for you to work with a therapist to address these stuck points in your life.

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Resolutions to Plan for the Future

You might also be thinking about the future. Therapy can help you prepare for what is to come or help you work towards your ideal future. If you do not know what your future goals or dreams are, then you can work with a therapist to help you figure out what you would like for your future. For some people, they can clearly see what type of future they desire but feel overwhelmed when trying to plan how to achieve it. Talking with a therapist can help you sort out the process of achieving your goals and perhaps make it all feel less overwhelming.

Therapy to Review Your Past

Let’s not forget about our past as we move into the new year. Research consistently shows that our present and future selves are shaped by what we have been through. As such, therapy frequently includes making sense of past events. You can do that in individual therapy or with a trusted other (for example, friend, romantic partner, sibling, parent). Deconstructing the significance of past events and their effects helps people move forward with a sense of freedom and relief.

Therapy in Boone, NC

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