Frequently Asked Questions

Therapy is a big investment and we understand wanting reassurance that it can help you before starting services. We can tell you that therapy is found to be helpful with various issues or problems and is shown to be beneficial for different types of people. We encourage you to call us for an initial consultation to talk about whether therapy is right for you.  You might also be interested in these blog articles:

Yes! We have experience with a variety of different issues and problems that people deal with beyond the specializations. At times, we figure out with clients that a different provider or practice would be more helpful. In those cases, we still try to help clients find what they need.

Great question! It can be intimidating to make that first call when you do not know what to expect. First, if you call and we miss it, please leave a message with your name and contact information! We want to hear from you and be able to call you back when you are ready to talk about starting services. Check out the What to Expect in Therapy page for an overview of services.

At this time, we are ‘Out of Network’ with insurance panels. This means that clients are accountable for the full payment at the day and time of your session, but we will assist you with filing a claim with your insurance company for reimbursement by providing a Superbill. See our Investment, Rates, and Payment page for more details.

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