Couple's Therapy & Family Therapy

Located in Boone, NC, available online and in-person.

couple in forest, Couples Therapy, Boone, NC

Making connections and maintaining relationships enhances our lives and gives them special meaning. Navigating relationships, however, can be difficult. Couple’s and family therapy will help you gain insight into your relationship dynamics, personality, commitment styles, beliefs, and family systems. 

Common goals for couple’s therapy or family therapy include addressing:

  • Communication
  • Problem Solving
  • Relationship Satisfaction
  • Quality of Relationship
  • Managing Conflict

Couple’s therapy with the Prepare and Enrich Inventory Assessment is a great place to start for improving your relationship. We will use the customized results of the relationship assessment to structure conversations and identify which skills need to be built up to enhance the relationship. Doing this type of relationship check-in is an effective way to foster intimacy in your relationship and try to avoid conflicts or issues from getting out of control. You can learn more about Prepare & Enrich here.