When Should I Go to Therapy?

Erin Sesemann, Therapist, Boone, NC

Dr. Erin Sesemann, PhD, LMFT, CBIS (she/her/hers) takes a holistic approach to counseling with her specialized training in Medical Family Therapy, EMDR therapy, and certification as a Brain Injury Specialist. Her office is based in Boone, North Carolina, offering in-person and online therapy to people across North Carolina.

When Should I Go to Therapy? Online North Carolina Therapy

Knowing when to start therapy can be tough. In fact, it is not uncommon for there to be a long time between when someone first thinks, “therapy could be helpful” and when they actually go to their first session. It can honestly take someone weeks, months, or years to finally make the call or attend that first session. There are many different signs that might suggest your mental health or relationships are not going as well as they could and now is a good time to start therapy. All and any signs are good enough reasons to start therapy.  

Signs that You Might Notice

Many people decide to begin therapy when they notice they are struggling to function in everyday life. This could look like struggling at work or in your relationships. Some people notice their eating habits are different (eating too much or restricting their what they eat) or they cannot get a good night’s sleep. You might be feeling numb, irritated, or frustrated all the time. Some people notice they now need drugs in the morning to wake up or need to drink alcohol (or smoke or use a different drug) in the evening to calm down or relax. 

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When Other People Get Involved

Another time people start therapy is when their family members or close friends suggest it. Other people can often notice when you are not doing well or when something seems off. It is not always easy to hear this from others and can be easy to dismiss or avoid, but taking the time to consider whether they have a good point can helpful. They might even want or need to join you in the sessions to address the issues or problems together. Significant others/partners, family members, and friends often come together for therapy.

When Organizations Make the Decision

There are also times when people cannot easily dismiss the directive to go to therapy, such as when it is mandated by an employer or the court system. There are times when one of these organizations sees the need for mental healthcare and intervenes in the situation. They might provide the recommendation to complete training in anger management, stress management, parenting classes, or other types of programs that enhance self-awareness, improve emotion regulation, or build skills in communication. Generally, the intention of the organization is to help the person or family learn ways to function better at work, at home, or in society. 

As you can see people, there are many answers to the question, “when should I go to therapy?” One answer is not better or worse than any other reason. Any reason is good enough. 

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