Couples and Family Therapy at a Reduced Rate- Now Available!

Erin Sesemann, Therapist, Boone, NC

Dr. Erin Sesemann, PhD, LMFT, CBIS (she/her/hers) takes a holistic approach to counseling with her specialized training in Medical Family Therapy, EMDR therapy, and certification as a Brain Injury Specialist. Her office is based in Boone, North Carolina, offering in-person and online therapy to people across North Carolina.

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Couples or Family Therapy- Could it be for You?

Have you found yourself struggling to communicate well in your relationship? Or maybe you are having trouble managing difficult situations as a family? If so, then couples or family therapy might be a good fit.

It is normal to experience conflict in our relationships. This conflict can come from having a difficult time asking for what we need from others or not being able to give people what they need from us. Couples also come to therapy to learn how to be vulnerable with each other, problem solve issues, or make decisions as a team.

At these times, we could benefit from support. Therapy could be the support for you!

Therapy can help you figure out what needs to change. With these changes, you and your loved ones can live a happier, more authentic life together.

Emily Cheek is our intern therapist who has immediate openings for couples and families.

In your sessions with Emily, you will receive guidance from a neutral third party about your issues. Having structured conversations with a therapist can create the balance that couples and families need to make the changes they want to make to meet their goals.

Emily is currently working on a masters degree in marriage and family therapy at Appalachian State University. As an intern therapist, she has the unique opportunity to offer therapy services at a reduced cost. This option can be especially useful for people who are looking for couples or family therapy. The cost of therapy can get in the way of people getting the help they need and want when it does not fit their budget.

Please reach out via email or phone to set up a FREE initial consultation with Emily if you are interested in this opportunity for couples or family therapy services at a reduced cost. 

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