Couples Therapy Program to Help Your Relationship After a Brain Injury

Erin Sesemann, Therapist, Boone, NC

Dr. Erin Sesemann, PhD, LMFT, CBIS (she/her/hers) takes a holistic approach to counseling with her specialized training in Medical Family Therapy, EMDR therapy, and certification as a Brain Injury Specialist. Her office is based in Boone, North Carolina, offering in-person and online therapy to people across North Carolina.

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Couples Therapy Intervention Program After a Brain Injury

  • Have you or your partner experienced a brain injury?
  • Are you struggling in your couple relationship?
  • Have you and your partner experienced fighting, conflict, tension, stress, or distance in your relationship after experiencing the brain injury
  • Have things changed so much that you just want your relationship back?
  • If so, then this couples therapy program might be for you!

Program Details:

  • Duration: Six 2 hour sessions or twelve 1 hour sessions
  • Location: In the office or online
  • Cost: Sliding scale
  • What: Assessments, education, exercises, and experiential activities
  • Topics:
    1. What is normal for a brain injury? Common problems after a brain injury.
    2. How are we different now? Common changes to relationships after a brain injury.
    3. Healthy communication.
    4. Managing stress effectively.
    5. Setting reasonable goals.
    6. Solving problems effectively.
    7. Establishing emotional intimacy.
    8. Renewing physical intimacy.
    9. Parenting 101: Parent education and skills (optional).
    10. Parenting after an Acquired Brain Injury: Common hurdles and effective parenting (optional).
    11. Taking care of yourself and your relationship.
    12. Focusing on gains and looking forward.

After the program couples often report that they gained: 

  • Improved understanding about the brain injury
  • New ideas about how to move forward in life post brain injury
  • Improved communication and problem solving skills
  • Increased feelings of intimacy and closeness in the couple relationship
  • Renewed feelings of hope for how to recover their quality of life as a couple

Examples of brain injuries: 

  • Mild traumatic brain injuries or concussions
  • Traumatic brain injuries 
  • Stroke
  • Aneurysm 
  • Lack of oxygen injuries (anoxic or hypoxic)
    • Near drowning
    • Surgeries
  • Tumor resections
  • You can learn more at BIAA’s “What is a brain injury?”

To learn more about this couples therapy program, please contact the office today by phone at 828-600-5051 or through email by completing the form on our contact us page. 

**If you are interested in couples therapy rather than our couples therapy intervention program, there are immediate openings for couple’s therapy with our intern therapist, Emily Cheek. You can contact her at the office to request a free consultation.

Learn more about working with Emily in couple’s therapy by reading our recent article, Couples and Family Therapy Now Available

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